Sunbird inQuiry


What’s Sunbird inQuiry?

Sunbird inQuiry is a building block that enables question banks that can contain questions and question sets for various use cases such as practice, assessment, quiz, worksheet, survey, observations and many more.



This building block consists of tools(editor and player) and services that enable creation of question(s) and question set(s), configuration of their behaviour, curation and publishing them for consumption, playing of question set(s) and emission of meaningful data.

inQuiry works with primarily two objects - Question and Question Set as per QuML Specification.

inQuiry can be extended for adaptive tests, gamified quizzes, rubric-driven assessments, competitions, data collection and other use-cases. It supports configurable behaviour of various kinds such as timer, certificate, hints, attempts, etc.

Overview of capabilities:

  1. Creation: of question(s) and question set(s) as per an interoperable QuML spec either using the question set editor or by bulk upload.

  2. Configuration: of the question set behaviour. For ex., randomize the questions from the question bank, limit the number of attempts, set timer etc.

  3. Tagging: of question(s) and question set(s) with meaningful metadata useful for discovery and analysis.

  4. Publish: Curation and publishing of question(s) and question set(s).

  5. Play: The player for question set(s) is embeddable, configurable and extendable.

  6. Data Emission:

a) Emission of question response and result data using an interoperable specification (QuML)

b) Emission of question set result and summary data using an interoperable specification (QuML)

c) The editor and player emit useful telemetry to make meaning of the user's action, which can be used to generate reports and derive insights.

Similar to various Sunbird building blocks, this is also open sourced under MIT license and you are free to adopt for your purposes. We strongly encourage you to contribute back, participate in the community to help improve this project.

It contains

Question and Question Set Service (Coming soon)

Question and Question Set Service is a micro-service to manage the lifecycle of question & question sets for creation and consumption. Today it leverages question & question Set services (assessments APIs) from Sunbird Knowlg.

link to the source code:


Question Set Player

Question set player is responsible for rendering questions & question sets created as per QuML spec. This player is embeddable, configurable and extendable.

link to the source code:

Question Set Editor (coming soon)

Question set editor is used to create a question set, configure its behaviour, and add/create questions in the question set.

Today it leverages collection editor from Sunbird Knowlg for this purpose.

link to the source code:

It uses

Sunbird QuML

Sunbird QuML (Question Markup Language) is a specification for creating, rendering and re-using questions and question sets objects.

Sunbird Knowlg

This is used for the question set editor, question and question set services and the asset category service(taxonomy service) to define the primary category of question and question set objects.

Sunbird Obsrv

Only the telemetry service and data pipeline of Sunbird Obsrv is used for generating session summaries and question response related data products.

Sunbird Telemetry

Sunbird Telemetry is a specification to instrument all the key events. Using this specification reference question set editor, question set player and question set services will generate telemetry events.




Avanti Fellows, EkStep, Samagra & Shikshalokam

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