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  • Migration Sequence has to be maintained for successful migration.

  • You can execute any command from below table as per requirement (based on data).

  • Code Block
    ## migrateQuml --objectType Question --status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed --delay 2000
    	-> Migrate all Question with status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed
    ## migrateQuml --objectType QuestionImage --status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed --delay 2000
    	-> Migrate all QuestionImage with status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed
    ## migrateQuml --objectType Question --status Live --delay 2000
    	-> Migrate all Question with Live status.
    ## migrateQuml --objectType QuestionSet --status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed --delay 2000
    	->  Migrate all QuestionSet with status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed
    ## migrateQuml --objectType QuestionSetImage --status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed --delay 2000
    	-> Migrate all QuestionSetImage with status Draft,Review,Retired,Failed
    ## migrateQuml --objectType QuestionSet --status Live --delay 2000
    	-> Migrate all QuestionSet with status Live.

Step-3: Verify the migration status.

Migration Version Description:

  • We have different values for migrationVersion metadata which indicates different stages of QuML migration. Below table covers all possible values of migrationVersion indicating succes / failure states.




Migration successful, if Asset status is other than Live


Migration and republish both successful, if Asset status is Live


Migration failed irrespective of status of the Asset.


Republish failed. Applicable only on Live status Asset


Migration skipped because of data validation issue